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  1. Three Models for Change - A Prelude


    Centrala, 4 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5R

    Opens 1 June, 6-9PM


    Shown within the confines of a vitrine, this initial display presented several fictional and archival documents, which contributed to a larger discussion around communal models and their future potentials.

    Three Models for Change was an accompanying  group exhibition which opened at Stryx on Saturday 9 June, asserting the importance of historical awareness in establishing future potentials of communities. The works in this exhibition fluctuated between three actual and staged narratives: the formation of a fictional Quaker-punk band; the staging of cross-generational Queer histories; the uncertainty surrounding a newly formed volcanic island and its territorial disputes. The display and exhibition included existing work and new commissions by artists Chris Alton, Ian Giles, and Greta Hauer.