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  1. Decipher | Confront, 



    Appropriating a traditional method of etching, the reproducibility of the digital news outlet is echoed. This work references a lack of information relating to the deaths of 271 transgender women in 2015, a period often described as being an epidemic of violence.

    Using internet search engines as a tool, the name of each woman was input in order to identify news articles, blog posts and all related material. This process proved that only 16% of information existed, rendering the stories of 228 of these women hidden; in a digital age, these deaths may as well have not happened.

    The chemical etchings and prints present the viewer with statistics, those which are coherent and those which are rendered almost unreadable through a process of polishing the etching plates. As the prints become increasingly distorted, the work takes a performative stance, forcing the reader to acknowledge, decipher and confront.