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  1. Monument to the Invisible, 2016


    “Violence against those who are already not quite living, that is, living in a state of suspension between life and death, leaves a mark that is no mark. There will be no public act of grieving.”

    - Judith Butler, Precarious Life, 1998


    The monument is a visual strategy used as a form of commemoration, an acknowledgement of contributions and losses to society. There is an overarching social and historical construct with regards to the memorial, as it is the result of being human which drives the impulse to record and remember. With deaths on a mass scale, the monument acts as the material trace of what is lost.

    In 2015 alone, 271 transgender women were murdered, with crimes against the transgender community rising by 15%. Despite 2015 being a pivotal year in LGBTQ+ rights and representations, the media acknowledged only 16% of the transgender deaths worldwide. The omission of this narrative alongside leaps in representations suggests a one sided story.

    With the creation of Monument to the Invisible, I sought to address issues facing a contemporary queer and gender experience. Whilst reiterating their importance as individuals, the series blurs lines between the staging of the memorial and protest, using format and materiality in order to make strong links to the materiality of the monument and the rapid temporality of the urban memorial and protest.