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  1. Three Models for Change


    Stryx, 13 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5RT

    Opens 9 June, 6-9PM | 11 - 16 June 2018


    Curated by Ryan Kearney, Alice O’Rourke, Ariadne Tzika

    Photos by Patrick Dandy


    In collaboration with Grand Union and the University of Birmingham, Three Models for Change, took place at STRYX in Minerva Works, Digbeth, June 2018.

    Three Models for Change was a group exhibition asserting the importance of historical awareness in establishing future potentials of communities. The works in this exhibition fluctuated between three actual and staged narratives: the formation of a fictional Quaker-punk band; the staging of cross-generational Queer histories; the uncertainty surrounding a newly formed volcanic island and its territorial disputes.

    References to utopian moments, groups, and places question current socio-political systems, offering possible new ways of thinking and being. Three Models for Change is an ambiguous statement and this exhibition embodies neither utopian nor pragmatic outcomes, but instead provides a platform of shared histories to stimulate thoughts around alternative futures.

    This exhibition included existing work and new commissions by artists Chris Alton, Ian Giles and Greta Hauer.


    More information here.