Print | A MAP OF QUEER BRUM, Nov 2019

Exhibition | IF MEMORY SERVES, Birmingham Hippodrome, Sep 2019

Workshop | CAMPANIA, AN EXPLANATION AND A HISTORY, Recent Activity, May 2019

Exhibition | THE CLUB’S CONCEPTION (OR HOW THE EGG WAS CRACKED), Recent Activity, May 2019

Exhibition | THREE MODELS FOR CHANGE, Stryx Gallery, May 2018

Exhibition | A PRELUDE, Centrala Gallery, May 2018

Performance | RAINBOW FLAG/TROJAN HORSE, Recent Activity, May 2018

Screening | QUEERING THE ARCHIVE, Recent Activity, Nov 2017


Artist Talk | DENZIL FORRESTER, Nottingham Contemporary, Feb 2020 →

Keynote | PAUL B. PRECIADO AND JACK HALBERSTAM, Nottingham Contemporary, Feb 2020 →

Artist Talk | DIANE SIMPSON, Nottingham Contemporary, Feb 2020

Artists’ Film | THE OTOLITH GROUP, Nottingham Contemporary, Nov 2019

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Conference | ARCHITECTURES OF EDUCATION, Nottingham Contemporary, Nov 2019

Artists’ Film | JARMAN AWARD TOURING PROGRAMME 2019, Nottingham Contemporary, Oct 2019

Exhibition | FROM.BETWEEN.TO, Gallerija Vartai, May 2019
Performance | TERRITORIAL SYMPHONIES, Block Universe, 58th Venice Biennale, May 2019

Exhibition | FROM.BETWEEN.TO, Parafin, Apr 2019 →  


Review | LOVE AND SOLIDARTITY AT GRAND UNION, this is tomorrow, Apr 2020

Text | SOME KINDA LOVE, Celine Gallery, Oct 2019

Review | IAN GILES: TROJAN HORSE/RAINBOW FLAG, this is tomorrow

Exhibition Text | INDRE SERPYTYTE: FROM.BETWEEN.TO, Parafin and Galerija Varta, Apr 2020

Text | THE ‘GALE COMES OF AGE, In The Pink, Grand Union and SHOUT Festival, Nov 2018

Review | THE OSCAR WILDE TEMPLE AT STUDIO VOLTAIRE, this is tomorrow, Oct 2019


Ryan Kearney is a curator and writer based in Nottingham, UK. Ryan’s on-going research centres on queer night-time spaces.

info [at] ryankearney.co.uk


Cruising the Baths of Dürer’s Nuremberg

Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, B15 2TS
Saturday 2nd February 2019, 1.30-2pm

In February 2019, I gave a queer reading of Albrecht Dürer’s The Bath House as part of LGBT history month at the University of Birmingham.

Through a queer 'contemporary' lens, I imported references or ideas from queerness today to a situation where queerness didn't necessarily exist, or at least not how we understand it. The talk focussed on public sex, cruising queer spaces such as the sauna and how these communal spaces relate to the context in 1496.