Print | A MAP OF QUEER BRUM, Nov 2019

Exhibition | IF MEMORY SERVES, Birmingham Hippodrome, Sep 2019

Workshop | CAMPANIA, AN EXPLANATION AND A HISTORY, Recent Activity, May 2019

Exhibition | THE CLUB’S CONCEPTION (OR HOW THE EGG WAS CRACKED), Recent Activity, May 2019

Exhibition | THREE MODELS FOR CHANGE, Stryx Gallery, May 2018

Exhibition | A PRELUDE, Centrala Gallery, May 2018

Performance | RAINBOW FLAG/TROJAN HORSE, Recent Activity, May 2018

Screening | QUEERING THE ARCHIVE, Recent Activity, Nov 2017


Artist Talk | DENZIL FORRESTER, Nottingham Contemporary, Feb 2020 →

Keynote | PAUL B. PRECIADO AND JACK HALBERSTAM, Nottingham Contemporary, Feb 2020 →

Artist Talk | DIANE SIMPSON, Nottingham Contemporary, Feb 2020

Artists’ Film | THE OTOLITH GROUP, Nottingham Contemporary, Nov 2019

Contemporary Conversation | FORM AND FRONTIER, Nottingham Contemporary, Nov 2019

Conference | ARCHITECTURES OF EDUCATION, Nottingham Contemporary, Nov 2019

Artists’ Film | JARMAN AWARD TOURING PROGRAMME 2019, Nottingham Contemporary, Oct 2019

Exhibition | FROM.BETWEEN.TO, Gallerija Vartai, May 2019
Performance | TERRITORIAL SYMPHONIES, Block Universe, 58th Venice Biennale, May 2019

Exhibition | FROM.BETWEEN.TO, Parafin, Apr 2019 →  


Review | LOVE AND SOLIDARTITY AT GRAND UNION, this is tomorrow, Apr 2020

Text | SOME KINDA LOVE, Celine Gallery, Oct 2019

Review | IAN GILES: TROJAN HORSE/RAINBOW FLAG, this is tomorrow

Exhibition Text | INDRE SERPYTYTE: FROM.BETWEEN.TO, Parafin and Galerija Varta, Apr 2020

Text | THE ‘GALE COMES OF AGE, In The Pink, Grand Union and SHOUT Festival, Nov 2018

Review | THE OSCAR WILDE TEMPLE AT STUDIO VOLTAIRE, this is tomorrow, Oct 2019


Ryan Kearney is a curator and writer based in Nottingham, UK. Ryan’s on-going research centres on queer night-time spaces.

info [at] ryankearney.co.uk