Grace Jones: Musings
30 Sep - 9 Dec 2020
Nottingham Contemporary

What imaginaries do Grace Jones’ visual and sonic performances unfold?

In this series, we listen out for contemporary literary and academic voices that rehearse, record, and resound Jones’ contributions to black and queer imaginaries, looking at the role of music and performance in creating communities of affect and resilience.

A Map of Queer Brum is a directory of Birmingham’s LGBTQ+ spaces from 1850 to present. It brings together personal and collective descriptions of sites including bars, clubs and public toilets in response to ongoing threats of regeneration.

If Memory Serves
15 Sep - 14 Nov 2020
Birmingham Hippodrome
If Memory Serves narrates the previous venue of Birmingham’s oldest queer space, The Nightingale Club. The exhibition forms part of an ongoing research project by Ryan Kearney, which born out of gaps in the city’s queer record, considers the closure of LGBTQ+ spaces, their exclusionary practices and the role of memory in forming a queerer archive.

The Club’s Conception (or How the Egg Was Cracked)
4 May - 1 Jun 2019
Recent Activity
The Club’s Conception (or How the Egg Was Cracked) is an exhibition which looks to retrace the past venues of Birmingham’s longest-running queer space, The Nightingale Club. In collaboration with those who attended its three preceding venues, Intervention Architecture and Ryan Kearney map these spaces from recollections, replacing absent photographs while positioning personal and collective narratives within archival significance.

Campania: an explanation and a history
Sat 18 May 2019
Recent Activity
During this workshop, participants will consider the characteristics of a queer country through brainstorming, sketching, mapping and conversation.

Three Models for Change
11 - 16 Jun 2018

Three Models for Change was a group exhibition asserting the importance of historical awareness in establishing future potentials of communities. The works in this exhibition fluctuated between three actual and staged narratives: the formation of a fictional Quaker-punk band; the staging of cross-generational Queer histories; the uncertainty surrounding a newly formed volcanic island and its territorial disputes.

Rainbow Flag / Trojan Horse
Sat 9 Jun 2018
Recent Activity
Ian Giles presents an immersive performance drawn from scripted conversations with the activist group which campaigned against the closure of The Joiners Arms, a Queer pub. Through role-play and texts, the play’s participants collectively unpacked what a queer space is and could be.

A Prelude
Fri 1 Jun 2018
Shown within the confines of a vitrine, A Prelude several fictional and archival documents, which contributed to a larger discussion around communal models and their future potentials.

Queering the Archive
Thursday 16 Nov 2017
Recent Activity
Queering the Archive is a screening event that explores queer digital presence as a method of recording: highlighting current modes of digitisation, the potentials of the archive and the role of history in navigating of the closet.