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Ryan Kearney is a curator and writer based in Nottingham, UK. Ryan’s on-going research centres on queer night-time spaces.

info [at] ryankearney.co.uk


Repeat, Recite, Restate

Featuring Anna Katarzyna Domejko, Bayley Morris, Eleanora Bruno, Eunice Cornejo, Hannah Jones, Helen Osborn, Kristina Hall, Laura Onions, Melanie Woodhead.

Brixton Pound, 77 Atlantic Rd, Brixton, London SW9 8PU
October 2017

Linguistic forms of repetition allow us to express and understand – the reiteration of words or phrases promote clarity and reinforce the importance of an intended conversation. Using the analogy of the auction house, the act of restating the increasing and varying numerical values creates a sense of urgency: bid now or lose.

Repeat, Recite, Restate, presented a group of artists whose work evidences processes of repetition, questioning how visual methods of multiplicity relate to linguistic forms of communication. Through their production, the works exhibited presented a ritualistic methodology: prints acting in accordance with the rhythm heard in orchestral music, acts of painting which echo the curves and lines created by text. These plural applications surpass an initial intent to communicate concept, rather the multiplication of process attracts a reiteration of hypothesis and raises an attempt to question the varying social and political nuances explored.